tooth wear

Tooth Wear

Tooth wear describes the gradual loss of a tooth’s surface, when it hasn’t been caused by decay or trauma. Clenching and grinding of teeth (bruxism), acid erosion, poor bite (malocclusion), and normal age-related wear and tear are the most common causes.

If left untreated tooth wear can lead to pain and discomfort; TMJ (or temporomandibular joint) dysfunction; and blunted teeth – resulting in an unappealing smile. To establish the cause, before treating worn teeth our dentists will discuss your history and thoroughly evaluate your worn teeth. Treatment options may range from simply modifying one’s diet or wearing a splint, to full mouth rehabilitation. Full mouth rehabilitation entails the rebuilding of the teeth to replace the missing enamel. This can be done with permanent crowns to not only restore function but also redesign the entire smile and appearance.

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